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At WILD MILE we want everyone to be able to make the most of our wild places, and stay safe while doing so!

Our Navigation Courses will take you through the skills you need to feel confident walking in the mountains.

We have three different levels of course:


Introduction to Navigation - maybe you've seen people wandering around with a map and wondered 'what is that all about'? If that is the case, this is the course for you - no previous experience required! 

Intermediate Navigation - A great course for those who have done a bit of walking, and used a map from time to time, but want to dig deeper into navigation! These skills will get you where you want to go reliably, whatever the weather!

Advanced Navigation - This is the real deal, for those who have a fair bit of mountain experience, and even venture off the path from time to time! This course will enable you to navigate pathless terrain, regardless of visibility, using natural features such as contours.


We are running the following navigation courses:

Introduction to Navigation: Northumberland - Arranged on request - £40 pp (3 hours)

Intermediate Navigation: Northumberland/Lake District - Arranged on request - £65 pp (4-5 hours)

Advanced Navigation: Cheviot Hills/Lake District - Arranged on request - £100 pp (6-8 hours)

Please go to our contact page for all enquiries and bookings.

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